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I'm here to help guide, support and offer tips to family members, friends, and loved ones that care for others. If you take care of someone else you are a caregiver.

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Aug 31, 2021

Episode Timeline

Our children have been back in school for a while. This week's tip is going to be five questions you can ask, instead of asking, "How was school?"

  • 00:37 Being Present with Lucius Irvin   
  • 02:14 Smile 
  • 02:19 Lunchtime Buddy 
  • 02:23 Change Is
  • 02:30 Rules
  • 02:36 Knowledge 
  • 02:44 Let's Summarize this Tip

Aug 25, 2021

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What is depression? Some of the symptoms of a depressive episode or depressive mood can be sleep difficulties, loss of interest in things the person once thought of as pleasurable, and nagging fatigue nearly every day. In this episode we chat about some ways to identify and help individuals cope with...

Aug 17, 2021

Episode Timeline

Larissa sits down with Mindful Recovery Coach, Lucius Irvin. "With 14 years of recovery, Lucius Irvin has experienced the trials and tribulations of both active addiction and also the ups and downs of daily recovery. Understanding that recovery is non-linear and often difficult he brings his experience,...

Aug 10, 2021

Hi caregivers, this episode's topic is childhood trauma. Childhood trauma is often described as serious adverse childhood experiences. Why is it important? Listen to this episode to learn more!

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Aug 3, 2021

Hi caregivers, let's continue our discussion about social support. What is social support? Well it's help provided by family brands, groups, or communities that can help fulfill emotional tangible informational, or social needs. Why is it important? Listen to this episode to learn more!

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